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NAV per unit (audited)

As at 30 June 2017 $0.02

Multiplex Property Income Fund (winding up)

Fund closed to new applications and redemptions

On Tuesday, 18 December 2012 unitholders approved a proposal to wind up the Fund and amend the Fund constitution:

Click here to view the Investor Update detailing the results of the meeting.

Click here to view the poll results for Resolution 1.

Click here to view the poll results for Resolution 2.

For further detail on the resolutions mentioned above, please refer to the Notice of Meeting

Key Information as at 30 June 2017

Open date: 13 March 2007
Closing date: 29 September 2008
Funds under management: $1.2 million (audited as at 30 June 2017)
Net Asset Value (NAV): $0.02 (audited as at 30 June 2017)
Distributions: Refer to Distribution History and Distribution Updates
Management fee per annum: Nil, for as long as Brookfield remains as responsible entity
Operating expenses: Nil
APIR Code: MLP0002AU

Important Notice:

Past performance is no indication of likely future performance. All figures are unaudited unless otherwise indicated.



[1] Multiplex Property Income Fund - The fund is currently closed to the issue and redemption of income units and no unit price for these purposes is calculated.
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